Another year…gone already?!

It never quite dawns on me that a year is about to end until the neighborhood Christmas lights go out, all the New Year’s Eve-themed sequined dresses are on sale at downtown department stores, and I’m flipping through Time magazine’s annual “Person of the Year” feature.

But here I am, watching the neighborhood gradually darken, avoiding shopping malls as if my life depended on it and reading about the collective power of protesters in the Middle East, Africa and the U.S. I guess we’ll soon see if the Ancient Mayans were right!

A lot happened this year. It started in Santa Cruz, Calif., my hometown, where I rang in the new year. For months, I sustained two full-time jobs, and my life was my work. Then summer came, and with it came glorious sun, a new apartment near Lake Union and a greater understanding of this vast city. (Try lunch at Irwin’s in Wallingford, become an REI member and take free classes at the flagship store, and check out this iron horse sculpture in Ballard!) Fall brought a lovely Celtic concert season, kittens, a driving trip spanning the whole West Coast, and a whole lot of soul-searching.

I kept most of my (Chinese) New Year resolutions, focusing on just one job at a time and allotting needed time for sleep, friends and music. Next year, I hope I can maintain a good work-life balance and continue to discover more about this amazing city.

This year, Seattle Pro Musica’s annual auction was “Casino Royale”-themed.

Watching Fourth of July fireworks on Lake Union from our balcony.

The coastline along treacherous Highway 1 near Big Sur, Calif.

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